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Gamers take responded to Thompson's undertake to link the Virginia Tech slaughter to the pun Counter-Strike. Video pun Web sites and youth gamers on Internet subject matter boards "teemed with anger" at what San Francisco Chronicle newsperson Peter Hartlaub called "his serial publication misstatements," indium some cases linking to YouTube videos of Thompson and dissecting his claims direct past point. Jason Della Rocca, executive theatre director of the International Game Developers Association, said, "It's so sorrowful. These mow down chasers—they're worsened than ambulance chasers—they're waiting for these things to happen so they can jump on their pulpit." In response, Thompson referred to Della Rocca atomic number 3 AN "idiot" and a "jackass [...] paid non to connect the dots [connecting shootings to video games]," and compared himself to populate who warned that the politics should be More related to about terrorism earlier the September 11, 2001 attacks. According to Della Rocca, Thompson and then challenged him to A chess game analysis software free series of gaming debates, claiming that they could from each one work more than $3,000 per event. When Della Rocca recommended that neither He nor Thompson accept whatever money for the events, Thompson refused.

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